• Botany Stand Bag_BE

Botany Stand Bag_BE

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Botany Stand Bag - Beige

Based on PU material with a weave-like embossed feel. Anew Monogram embroidery detail expressed in 8 colors. Slim and convenient straight-line zipper time shoe pocket.
Left-two-tiered pocket with three-dimensional effect and ample storage capacity. Right side - 2 zipper pockets designed in a curved shape for a sense of line and ample storage capacity.

* Includes, 1 hood cover, 1 clear hood cover, X shoulder strap, straight shoulder strap, acrylic name tag.

Outer: 90% faux leather 10% polyester, Lining: 100% polyester

11.8 inches width x 35.8 inches height x 15 inches depth